Manage those menopausal hormones!

Patrick Krupka, DC, CFMP explains Functional Medicine approaches to finally managing your menopausal hormones. Including his own "Formula For Success".  Take a few minutes and watch the webinar replay today!

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About Dr. Krupka

I have been in private practice, starting in April 2000.  Since then I have enjoyed many years running a Functional Wellness oriented practice focusing on helping patients reach optimal health using Functional Medicine testing and principles...


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Student Resources

 Make sure that you check out the "Student Resources" page!   This page is where you will find all of the links to the products, books, services, and other things that I talk about in the videos.  Just click on the links to get what you need!


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What is Functional Medicine?

Dr. Krupka explains the philosophy and benefits of the Functional Medicine approach to health and wellness, as well as how this differs from a more conventional medical  approach.

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What is Leaky Gut?

Leaky gut, or intestinal hyperpermeability, can be a contributing factor to inflammatory, autoimmune, or cancerous disease states.  Do YOU understand leaky gut?

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Communicate With Your Doctor

Knowing the best way to interact with your doctor's office is very important.  Get Dr. Krupka's top ten tips for communicating with your doctor and start getting more out of your doctor's visits!.

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